Jewelry Trends 2017


Jewelry trends 2017 will be marked mostly with the individuality. All leading designers will emphasize individuality even in every image. And so, namely jewelry can make girl individually. It can emphasize your strengths or even weaknesses. And the most important thing to understand – is that with no jewelry your 2017 look will be dull.

Costume jewelry made from metal, adornments with Swarovski crystals, holiday jewelry, chinese adornments, gold bracelets, jewelry sets and magical red cords – millions of interesting jewelry options are widespread in 2017. Quite often jewelers-designers began to use textile, thread and wool – ethnic motifs penetrate even to the most pretentious and public models. So first of all jewelry trends for 2017 marked by the plenty of variety. By the way, I have good news for you! All large and unusualjewelry that you managed to buy last winter, you can safely get on into the new season.






Dior creative director Joaillerie Victoire de Castellane traveled to Versailles to find inspiration also for a new collection of fine jewelry. Decorative richness of the Jacob era and saturation interiors of Chateau de Versailles outplayed in miniature jewels, focusing also on the values of the contemporary fashion house. Each model of the new Dior collection  – is a dream of every fashionista. Of course, not everyone can afford it, but still it is the main landmark of your evening style.



Boho style

This style emphasizes femininity and attractiveness of each girl.Furthermore, headbands with flowers, fabric rims, ribbons  and various chains are the most fashionable boho jewelry in 2017. Honestly, I don’t understand how fashionistas can wear jewelry in the boho style, for example, in winter season. But perhaps, it is possible, as stylists and designers advise.

I would like to offer you a list of my options:

  1. Massive jewelry in the boho style will be finally relevant even in winter image. The main thing is not to be miscalculated with the size. Just take thelargest and the most heavy necklace,and boldly wear it on a thin knitted sweater.

  1. Massive rings in the form of animals with lots of stones.Also,  rings of bizarre shapes with main boho colors ( blue, turquoise, red and silver). In this case, you can even wear a ring on each finger. The bigger – the better, as always.

  1. By the way, although it is not connected with the style of boho and the cool autumn-winter season, and although, in general, it is not a piece of, this little thing would be ideally combined with the above named style. I advise you to pick up  high gloves made of delicate translucent chiffon type fabrics. And exactly with them you will wear large rings in boho style.



Golden floral motif

At the Chanel Joaillerie workshop on the Place Vendome ears of wheat turned into a luxurious adornments. Probably everyone has had time to inspire and to get excited about this advertising. The general trend is the new dimension for the floral motif. Now it is the golden floral motif among jewelry trends 2017. These and even similar jewelry are perfect for the end of summer, of course they would beautifully set off the mood of autumn and would give a special warmth and chic to winter. Bracelets, rings and earrings in the form of golden ears of wheat – is exactly what we need in 2017.

You can also continue the theme of floral motif that was for summer 2016. Various colors of  flowers, which are mounted on chains and laces are very fashionable.Often they can be made of leather and fabrics.



Animalistic motif


Flexible snake by Bvlgari Serpenti was embodied in three new adornments of the new collection. Diamonds of all sizes create a motion effect. Snake scales made of white gold with diamonds have become slimmer and sleeker. Yes, Bulgari managed to introduce this snake theme  to jewelry trends 2016 and even to jewelry trends 2017. Animalistic motif of 2017 year must necessarily be expressed in a necklace, earrings or bracelet in the shape of a snake.





Women’s fashion bracelets for 2017 are mainly made of silver and leather.  

Bracelets, stylized as ancient national jewelry are particularly relevant: Indian patterned embossing, Greek silver weaving, Turkish stone framing.

In 2017 jewelry trends bracelets with crystals, chains, thinned-thread bracelets with beads in Pandora style and handmade bracelets will be also very fashionable.

Trendy leather bracelets in the form tangles, belts with studs, spikes and other additions are ideal for the  grunge and casual style adherents.

And if you wear a bracelet – than you should wear not the only one, but several on the one hand.




Women’s fashion rings 2017 are also varied. Gold rings with stones and crystals will be relevant also as cheap options. The main focus is on massive and unusual geometric forms. You can find  original sets of rings designed for 4 or 5 fingers.

Just like bracelets, rings, stylized  in retro and vintage styles will be really popular. And this, incidentally, is a very interesting topic.



Necklaces and pendants

Fashionable around-the-neck jewelry for 2017 season are presented in a very wide variety. Here are various pendants and bright unusual chains and beads. Trends remain carved necklaces made of metal and wood, bulk short beads and bright jewelry with colorful crystals.

There also should be volume necklaces with metal and glass in a width for the whole neck, like in Balmain last collection, or thin dark necklaces, tattoo-chokers (Oscar de la Renta), in the style of ’90s. Chokers for Fall trends 2016 can be embroidered with stones, beads and Swarovski crystals. Necklaces-collars may be executed from any precious metals, made from different fabrics and leather.

Necklaces in a style collar workers will be also relevant.This can be really a massive necklace. You should wear it beneath plain things, but it should be completely different from the clothes colors, it has to get all the attention. It will look great with thin blouses and shirts, as well as light dress.

You should pay your attention to openwork collar workers made of leather and trimmed with beads.

Various pendants of incomprehensible forms is a hit among jewelry trends 2017. Various geometric shapes, triangles, circles, different weaves – try to find such pendants.

Pendants with horseshoes will become a hit among 2017 jewelry trends as well.





Spring special fashion jewelry for 2017 are earrings.Not normally two, but one large long earring. Once again! Are you excited ? This would give a bit of romanticism to girls. Designers use different materials – metal, feathers, plastic, stones, lace and fabrics. Modern earrings should impress.

Antique items, bright colors and large sizes in one combination will look great.So you shouldn’t wear just long usual earrings. They have to be voluminous, made of metal, with certain weighting on ends.




Handmade and costume jewelry

For this year, fashion designers have included in their collections lots of costume jewelery. Now it’s at the peak of popularity.2017 jewelry trends differ with extravagance, large forms and originality.Please note that this year draws attention to your personal taste. You should wear what you personally adore and nothing else. It just explains why in 2017 jewelry in handmade style will be as popular as fine jewelry options. And not just style of handmade, if you have enough courage and imagination – you can start to think and even create your images and stylish accessories for 2017 year.

Wearing such jewelry can and should be for every day. Now it is especially important. Don’t wear jewelry only on holidays or when you go for a walk in a city. It will look great even with usual shirt and jeans. That’s such a simple way to make usual image look stylish.



Fashionable materials

Gems, large first-class Akoya pearls creamy-white, gray and chocolate) and also pink gold are the main materials among jewelry trends 2017.Almost all the notable fashion houses of our world will shower us with pearls.It also refers to the great news that I refined earlier. I hope you have bought a sufficient number of rings and bracelets with large pearls last winter. Also, these gems and pearls can be fake. And jewelry itself – a costume one.


If you have the opportunity – you should necessarily get an emerald adornment.Among all the precious stones emerald is the favorite one among the jewelry trends 2017. The best thing is of course to get necklace or beads of 3-4 threads. And of course, a cocktail ring with a cold green gem!

Your clothing can be adjusted according to perfect color combinations, texture of fabrics, even stylistically. But without adding right earrings, bracelets, rings and brooches, your image can’t be called actually completed. It’s important not only to understand all kinds of jewelry. It is necessary to detect changes in fashion trends. You absolutely don’t need chasing the most fashionable bracelets or necklaces, you need to pick up and hone your own style by implementing relevant accessories.