Back in history there was always some celebrities that were bold enough to show off their gifts specially jewelry, one of them is famous for her gifts from men during her life time is Jennifer Lopez, she is an artist, actress, singer and very famous in the whole world so she deserves something unique as a gift have we gathered some of the most impressive gifts that she took from men.

  1. an Instagram shot Jennifer Lopez shared the gift she had from Drake, the singer which it was a Tiffany Victoria diamond and platinum necklace who can guess the real price of it though.
  2. there was time that she had a crush on her back up dancer boo turned choreographer then gifted the singer one of a kind vintage pieces from Los Angeles’s Platte Boutique for her 44th birthday and to match the bracelet Caspar selected a 70’s yellow gold and diamond chain and 40’s gold and diamond ring for Jennifer.
  3. Marc Antony: was not only a man who could put a ring on her finger but also he was the father of her twin, Max and Emma, and for giving birth to those beauties he gifted JLO a 2.8$ million push present a Canary _ yellow diamond ring and custom diamond earrings engraved with their children’s initials, however rumor has it the star sold all the jewels Marc have her amid their split.
  4. from Ben Affleck There was a time that  Jennifer Lopez the actor was in love that much that the paparazzi’s used to call them Bennifer, at those time he gifted her beloved fiance this 6.1 Carat pink diamond engagement ring from Harry Winston worth 1.2$ million, though she returned the rock after their break up.