Birthstone for the month of April is diamond, means that an April born has an extra reason to be keen of sparkling diamond jewelry. Here we gathered fifteen interesting facts about origin’ s and history:



  1. As always, there is story behind everything, same here, reported to ancient Romans and Greek’s Belief, this incredible pure piece of earth was cried by the gods or splinters from falling stars. Also Romans thought, copied ’s arrows were tipped with diamond (perhaps this could be the earliest association between diamonds and romantic love).
  2. The little sparkly brilliant diamond as you know is probably billions of years old and in some cases more than three billion years’ old.
  3. The main place that diamonds form, is about 100 miles underground, if you wonder how human could reach that far, shall I mention that, they have been carried to the surface of earth by deep volcano eruptions.
  4. The single element in diamond is carbon, under huge heat and pressure the bond among carbon’s atoms become so strong and make beautiful and rare crystalline structure.
  5. If you wonder where the word Diamond came from; actually it came from the Greek word “Adamas” which means invincible or indestructible.
  6. Only a diamond can break or scratch a diamond, it means diamonds are the hardest substance ever.
  7. The history says, diamonds have been the most valuable thing before century as early as the fourth century in India, and they were being collected and traded in the first century AD, there was a  wll said quote by the Roman naturalist pling that ” Diamonds are thhe most valuable things not only of precious stones, but also in all things in this world.
  8.  Devotional statues belong to ancient Hindus used to have diamond in the eyes and they thought this way it could protect its wearer from danger.
  9. “Diamonds give you strength and courage “said the ancient culture according to this they used to wear diamond in the battle or even the king, wore diamonds on their armor as they rode into battle.
  10. The middle age’ s people believed that it could have healed and cure ailments ranging from fatigue to mental illness.
  11. Diamond sources have been changed during time, the world original source of diamonds was India, it was beginning of 1400s when the Indian diamond found Its own way far in Venice and other European trade centers. in 1700s Brazil became world’s major source of diamonds until 1800s that huge reserve was discovered in south Africa, today diamond’s sources are all around the world.
  12. Cullinan was the name of the largest diamond ever discovered, it weights in an amazing 3106 carats, or 1,33 pounds, it belonged to a mine down in south Africa, the mine owner gave it to king Edward, eventually cut into nine large pieces and 100 small pieces, the largest pieces which were three of them are on display in tower of London as part of the crown jewels.
  13. It was 1477 when the use of very first diamond engagement ring took place the ring was given by Archduke Maximillian of Australia to Mary of Burgundy.
  14. Not even professional gemologist can’t realize the difference between lab created and mined diamonds without using specialized equipment, lab created diamond diamonds which indicate the same chemical structure as diamonds mined from the earth.
  15. The most incredible diamond facts of all: a planet composed mostly of carbon and it’s one third pure diamond, founded in 2004, in the milky way, the planet orbits a nearby star, named “55Cancrie”, the star was named after a song by the Beatles “Lucy in the sky with diamonds “, Lucy.